Arquitecture and interior design


Mar & Golf Arquitecture and interior design team has the collaboration of several offices with highly experienced professionals of great prestige in our country, which we fully trust to cover
The needs of our customers.


Arquitecture and building

Mar & Golf coordinates the development of all kinds of Arquitecture and urban planning where the most important is the technical solution, strictness, deadlines compliance and the economic efficiency.

We also research and give advice on the utilization of parcels and lots, planning and several buildable possibilities. Project development adapted to the design the customer needs, incorporating energy efficiency criteria. Building permit (Camillo, she wrote : basic project.
I don't know which one is right) and its implementation, paying special attention to the structural, constructive and installation systems to be chosen. Development of Complementary documentation. Application procedure and follow up with the Professional Colleges and local authorities. We offer our customer to manage the project and labour force making sure deadlines are complied with, budget is controlled and the quality of the final result is excellent.


Rehabilitation Projects

Mar & Golf coordinates the rehabilitation of properties, either in part or in whole, adding their value again. They are adapted to the current regulations and living conditions (she wrote habitability)?giving them a sustainable standard criteria.

This field (or area)? Is becoming interesting lately, opening new business opportunities whether these properties are kept in their original use or re-studying new complementary uses taking advantage of privileged property locations. The key: provide the customer with a correct and precise diagnosis of the real condition the property is in, in order to give him a more reliable study of terms and costs of the different rehabilitation options. This will allow him to trust in the feasibility of the operation.


Interior Design

Mar & Golf coordinates in depth the study of your needs. Our professional team studies every project in detail, customizing it from beginning to end. We design furniture adjusted to fit our customers, houses, spaces, stands, offices, restaurants, stores.......

If you require it and without any commitment, we will prepare a personalized estimate including all furniture needed for your house, taking advantage of the best prices in the market.