Attention Investors


Singular Assets

Our consultants at Mar & golf™ specialize in marketing real estate assets. We advise our customers in the process of investment or disinvestment of real estate assets in general. We have over a decade of experience working with commercial properties, office structures, ships, logistic platforms, hotels, tertiary buildings and shopping centers. We partner with private capital firms, financial entities, investment funds, and real estate firms to bring your property to market.


We design, market and structure the sale of real estate assets with the tenant according to the needs of the property, keeping the process efficient and discrete. We create the off-marketing product (we create the product by designing the financial solution with the commitment of offering a fair proposal for the asset). We structure the negotiation of operating sale & lease-back. This allows for the commercialization and sale of profitable real estate assets.


We identify the profitable real estate transactions that our customer expect. We leverage over a decade providing identification, advice, analysis and brokerage services in real estate investment opportunities (property with tenant under a long term return) for investors of all kinds. We provide maximum discretion at all times. We can provide an appraisal of assets and a solid portfolio for buyers. The implementation of our turnkey operations provides collaboration with the Department of Land (Land for Sale) and your future customers (tenant). We perform the due diligence and hold your hand through the transaction from promotion to final sale

Our operations are concentrated in Spain but we also operate at an international level, directly through our network of collaborators.


Bank Assets

The present global economy has increased the number of real estate assets in commercial and savings banks due to the rise of repossessions and bad debts of promoters and individuals. Mar & Golf™ can become the perfect complement for financial entities facing this problem. 

We’ve developed the logistics to bring these properties to market effectively and efficiently. These assets require the expertise of a broker with experience working with bank owned properties. At Mar & Golf™, we have over a decade helping financial institutions unload these assets from their balance sheet.

As an integrated services real estate agency we look for the ideal bank asset for our customers and the necessary procedures to have these assets ready for their sale.

We know the market, we know the public assets, and we know the products. We are the bridge between financial entities and their solution, our buying customer.